The first publication of many of the stories and other items was as follows:

Lucky Eddi                    White Dwarf 29, 1982
Griselda Gets Her Men         White Dwarf 30, 1982
A Tasty Morsel                White Dwarf 41, 1983
Shamus Gets a Case            White Dwarf 42, 1983
Hanufa's Little Sister        White Dwarf 43, 1983
The Great Chart Caper         Pavis (Chaosium 1983)
Wolfhead's Lair               Scenario in Big Rubble (Chaosium 1983)
All in the Family             White Dwarf 51, 1984
Down Among the Dead Men       Different Worlds 43, 1986
Bad Example                   Different Worlds 44, 1986
Good Advice                   Different Worlds 45, 1987
Holding the Baby              (1) Green Slime 1, 1988
                              (2) Tales of the Reaching Moon 4, 1990
Wolfhead's Story              Tales of the Reaching Moon 2, 1989
Serious Money                 Tales of the Reaching Moon 3, 1990
This Love Business            Tales of the Reaching Moon 5, 1991
Carving Up Carver             Tales of the Reaching Moon 6, 1991
The Hero Bit                  Tales of the Reaching Moon 7, 1992
Devil's Play                  Tales of the Reaching Moon 8, 1992
Worlds Apart                  Convulsion '92 Programme Book
Griselda Song 1               Convulsion '92 Programme Book
Red Hot                       Tales of the Reaching Moon 9, 1993

All of the above were republished, often with some corrections and expansions, in The Collected Griselda (Reaching Moon Megacorp 1993, now totally sold out), together with 'Griselda the Hero??', 'Happy Anniversary', and Griselda Song 2. It should be noted that The Collected Griselda contains the only authorised version of 'The Great Chart Caper'; the one in Pavis, which has been reprinted in Glorantha Classics Volume I: Pavis & Big Rubble (Moon Design Publications 1999), includes unauthorised textual changes. 'The Hero Bit' is republished in Gloranthan Visions (included in the DeLuxe Hero Wars box, Issaries Inc. 2000).

'The Matchmaker' and 'First Class Protection' were published in the Peoples of Pavis booklet produced for the 'City of Pavis' freeform game, RuneQuest Con-VIII, Bacharach 1996.

All the above were republished in The Complete Griselda (Issaries Inc. 2001), with some minor textual changes. Published for the first time in this were The Trouble With Nephews (to which M. O'Brien's Interfering Uncles Have Their Uses is appended); Different Shades of Red; Respect; The Cradlesnatchers; Griselda Song 3; Griselda Blues.


Griselda: a Brief Biography and Points of View are also published in Tradetalk 8.

A lot of material about Griselda and her associates appears in The Pavis and Big Rubble Companion Vol. III: the Legacy of Pavis, pp. 38-41 (last page on Griselda herself, with previously unknown facts about her background and activities, part-written and thoroughly okayed by Oliver Dickinson, unlike the French version of Griselda in Multisim's Hero Wars: Pavis, about which he was not consulted at all).


The only published Griselda story not in The Complete Griselda is Meet The Parents, read at Convulsion CO2 in 2002; this has appeared in Shadows of Pavis (2003). Also read on that occasion was a crossover story with Friends (a minor obsession of Oliver Dickinson's) called The One Where Rachel Is Brave, in which many Pavis characters including Griselda are seen "from the outside". (now on the website)

A new song, In the Rubble Now (to the tune of In the Jailhouse Now, for which see Oh Brother Where Art Thou?), was sung on that occasion too.

The latest story, A Day at the Races, will be read at Continuum in July 2006, with other new material, it is hoped..






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