"If there is one thing of which there is no shortage in Pavis, it is charts. Now some unscrupulous characters will sell you charts that they cook up over a mug of ale, and you will be lucky if you only lose your time following them. Many of those who hang around adventurers and sell them charts and such are really frustrated adventurers themelves, and dearly love to talk about going after treasure, as long as they do not have to do it. Treasure Trove Hurbi is just such a guy. He is somewhat daffy about charts, and will spend all he has on them if he thinks they are straight goods. He is always buying them off adventurers and prospectors and such, and always selling them himself to make enough to stay alive."

Hurbi's Map to the Fallen Tower (Map by Eric Vanel from a sketch by Ian Thomson)

Hurbi's Map to a treasure trove in Oldtown (Map by Eric Vanel from a sketch by Ian Thomson)

Hurbi's Map to a buried temple with riches ripe for the plundering. (Map by Eric Vanel from a sketch by Ian Thomson)

Thalmis Reedwalker's Map and Commentary of his Puzzle Canal exploration. (Map by Paul Sommer & Ian Thomson, Commentary by Ian Thomson)

Hurbi's Map of Temple Hill. (Map by Paul Sommer from a sketch by Ian Thomson)

These maps are designed as game aids for role-playing in Pavis, and were directly inspired by the 'Great Chart Caper' - a story included in the Pavis Boxed Set (Chaosium 1983). Since first reading that story, Ian Thomson has wondered what these wonderful charts looked like, and apologizes that it took twenty years to actually bring this pondering into physical reality. Many thanks to Eric Vanel for lending us his distinctive hand-made map style, and also to Paul Sommer. Should you have variant interpretations, or simply be inspired to add your own maps, please contact Ian at We shall be very happy to consider your contributions, and would like to expand this page. [The preferred style is for maps of a hand-drawn nature.]

NB: Each map is a zipped Word file, which seemed to be the best (smallest download size) way to present them as print ready. The Canal text is a larger pdf file. Permission is given to print copies of any map and associated text for the purposes of illustrating Gloranthan role-playing sessions. None of this material may be otherwise distributed in any form, including via the internet, without express permission from the designers.



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